What is ILR?
The Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) is a program for people, 55 years and older, who want to keep learning about the past and present, about their world, and about themselves and one another. Classes are taught by volunteer instructors who have expertise and experience in the subjects they teach. There is a lot of interaction, but there are no tests, no grades and no credits.

What can I learn?
ILR courses are determined by the interests and expertise of its members. “Peer learning” is the operating concept: members may serve as volunteer instructors as well as students sharing knowledge from their experiences in the workplace, from lifelong pursuit of a hobby or avocation or from the study of a favorite subject. Over 2,000 area residents are part of the ILR Community.

Who can join?
The ILR is for men and women 55 years and older. Courses usually meet one time per week during daytime hours. A course may run anywhere from one to eight weeks depending on the subject, the enthusiasm of the group and the instructor.

Do I have to be retired to apply to ILR?
No, but you must be 55 years or older.

Do I have to have a college degree?
No. Membership is open to people from all backgrounds with a strong interest in continued learning.

Can I get a degree from ILR?
No. ILR courses and workshops are non-credit/non-degree offerings, and part of The College’s Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Development. Members take courses at ILR for the pure pleasure of learning.
How many courses may I take per semester?
Members select five (5) courses per semester. The membership fee is for the current semester.

Are all ILR courses available online?
ILR offers both in-person, online and hybrid (a combination of online and in-person) classes.

What are the guidelines for registration?
Registration is only available online. At the start of each semester there will be a designated registration begin date. On that date, prospective members complete the registration form, choose their courses and pay the fee. In consideration of others needs and requests, please register ONLY for classes you plan to attend REGULARLY. If you register and realize you will not be attending the course, notify the ILR office as soon as possible so that we may open up the seat to another member. It is not necessary to notify the office if you cannot attend a single class.

Does ILR have a membership fee, if so, how much is it?
In order to take classes, ILR members pay a nominal fee prior to the start of each semester. The fee is subject to change.

Where can I get more information or submit a course proposal for a course that I would like to teach?

For more information, contact:
Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR)
Bergen Community College
Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
400 Paramus Road, TEC 115
Paramus, NJ 07652
Phone: 201-447-7156
E-Mail: [email protected]